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Triglyceride Levels Triglyceride Levels
Triglyceride Levels In Health And Disease.

Triglyceride Levels Normal Triglyceride Levels
What Are Normal Triglyceride Levels?

Triglyceride Levels Lowering Triglyceride Level
They are several things you can do when lowering triglyceride level.

Triglyceride Levels High Triglycerides Levels
If a you've been told you have high triglycerides levels, you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits if you want to live a long healthy life.

Triglyceride Levels Cholesterol And Triglyceride Levels
Overview On High Cholesterol And Triglyceride Levels; Risks, Causes And Prevention.

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High Triglycerides Levels

Do You Have High Triglyceride Levels?

If a you've been told you have high triglycerides levels, you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits if you want to live a long healthy life.Triglycerides are a fatty substance that is present in your body and taken in via diet. Triglycerides and cholesterol are produced by our livers in small amounts by mostly it is ingested through food.High triglycerides levels are generally indicated by a fasting laboratory serum level of greater than 150 mg/deciliter of blood. Generally if you have high triglycerides levels, chances are you also have an increase in your serum cholesterol and a decrease in your good, or HDL (high density lipoproteins) levels of fat. Usually this is caused by obesity, poor diet and/or poorly controlled diabetes.

It may also be caused by cirrhosis of the liver, certain kidney problems or pancreatitis. Other blood tests can help determine the cause of your high triglycerides levels and therefore, how to control them.In order to control high triglycerides levels, the patient must reduce caloric intake, add exercise to their lifestyles and control intake of fats and sugar. Checking food labels is an absolute must, specifically the fat content. You are interested in the total fat in the product, then the saturated fat and cholesterol levels.

The cholesterol and saturated fat levels should be as low as possible. As with the case with nuts, much of the fat is unsaturated, which is good for you. However, you must also consider portion size and calories in addition to to total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol levels. Many stores and products advertise foods that are healthy or heart healthy and you should actively seek out those foods. Adding fresh fruit and whole grains, such as whole wheat bread and oatmeal, to your diet is essential.

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